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Our hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic Innovation in the field of parts and Contributing to the world with independent technology and product development, Global Top5 hydraulic system To become a professional company I have a vision for..

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SH Pack is intended to print, creativity, sincerity, to your desktop via a customer-centric business philosophy, transparent management and innovation to improve the competitiveness of companies practicing corporate social responsibility for the continued growth of the company. To establish a code of ethics in order to enforce this principle of work performed. This Code of Ethics shall apply to the shares) SH packs employees (hereinafter referred to as "the emerging"). An emerging is responsible for properly understand and comply with the Code of Conduct. If the ethics and laws of conflict, this Act shall prevail. If you find an activity that concerns be violated or violating ethical norms, procedures, and may be notified in accordance with the provisions in this case are confidential to like your identity, report the fact, raised the issue in good faith by the complainant are reported, including not subject to disadvantages due to the
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SHPAC possesses various patents and certificates.
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We are cooperating with our global major customers in the world
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Head office : 81, Hwajeonsandan 5-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan ㅣ Tel : +82(0)51-831-3838 ㅣ Fax : +82(0)51-831-3840
Affiliated Company : SHINHUNG Precision Machinery (rod alloy) 241 Dasan-ro, Saha-gu, Busan
Tel : +82(0)51-262-0755~9 ㅣ Fax : +82(0)51-262-0753
Partner Company : SAMJI PRECISION Co., Ltd. (Cylinder manufacturing), 203 Noksan Industry North Road, Gangseo-gu, Busan
Tel : +82(0)51-714-3811 ㅣ Fax : +82(0)51-972-4812